Like every other industry, the global beauty industry is evolving with constant change and growth. The industry also had to go with enormous changes due to the ongoing pandemic.

People became aware of hygiene and cleanliness in their everyday lives. This slowly encouraged beauty brands to enter this arena, and they have started offering luxurious and beauty-oriented hand soaps and sanitisers. Earlier beauty products were made with many ingredients and not just for one purpose.

Today, we are ongoing using the same trends of history. Customers are looking for products not only to look beautiful but to be beneficial for their skin health. Pre pandemic or post pandemic, one thing remains the same — the demand for beauty products stands the test of time. There are a few ley trends shaping up for the future of beauty and cosmetics industry in 2022.

1. Men grooming – With more and more Men being exposed to the grooming world, beauty companies are getting rid of stereotypical boundaries of gender, realising the bigger the market, the bigger the sale. It is no more only a woman’s world for beauty. There has been a shift in a man’s perception of grooming, which promotes better skincare and an Improvement in appearance. They demand and wish to have products made specifically for their skin and hair. It is no more only a Woman’s world for the beauty industry.

2. Need-based skin and hair products – These days, consumers want results in everything they use and apply to their hair. Whether it is the simple use of hair oils or moisturizer. There are specific need-based hair and skincare products. Products that help provide shine to hair like a serum to be used post-wash or anytime are on the rise. These only are preferred to get a shine on hair.

3. Personalized cosmetics – With times, consumers’ demands are changing, they are keener on products that are personalized for them. There are hair care brands that understand consumers’ requirements/hair types through Chatbots and customize oils and hair care products as per their needs.

4. Sustainable packaging – With more users being environmentally conscious, today’s brands have started adopting initiatives towards being environment friendly. There is a new trend of opting for cosmetics that do not use toxic or high-polluting packaging materials like plastics. Companies shifting toward sustainable packaging to attract consumers and engage in more responsible purchasing and disposal decisions.

5. Natural/herbal products – Ancient traditions and forms are coming back. People are more inclined towards natural and herbal products. Today, they are the symbols of safety in contrast to synthetic drugs, which are regarded as unsafe to human beings and the environment. These changes in the consumer choices helps us to understand that the customers are rapidly changing and so are their needs. We can expect more changes and trends going forward as well and so it’s important for the cosmetic companies to keep evolving with the customer choices and trends.



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